Torchwood Series 2

I just finished series two of Torchwood. Overall I liked it better than series one. The one thing that was disappointing was the darkness of some of the episodes. Series 1 was more hit and miss, but it had same great episodes that benefited from some creepy shit. Series two just didn’t have that.

I didn’t care for all the callbacks to earlier episodes either. They weren’t that riveting. THe whole thing with Owen was a let down as well.

Some of the episodes in the series, while interesting, were just dull. The one were we see how everyone joined Torchwood for example. Neat. Five information to actually learn and see, but it didn’t provide much to the series, especially that late.

On the whole it was better. The problems with series two were little things and to me were mainly some little changes for the worse from the first series.

I have to say that the finale was much better this time around. I hated how they had a great cliffhanger ready last series and instead of just leaving it, they wrapped it up in five minutes. It was lame.

One more series to go now and it’s a short one. They are making a series 4 though, but it’s not out yet.


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