What is Film Daze?

I thoroughly enjoy watching movies (or Film’s). I do this on a regular basis, because I enjoy watching movies for the pleasure of it. I don’t really care whether it is amazing or not. If I can sit through it and not be bored to death, then that is fine with me.

I try to write often, but have a hard time doing so. Thus I figured this would be a nice way of forcing myself to write in at least some form besides essays. Initially I started with the goal to watch one film a day and to post some form of review here. I made it to 188 (actually bit more, but I didn’t post). Still, I’m plowing on. My intent is to try to post after any viewing of a film, but that doesn’t always happen. That and due to school I tend to disappear for a week(s), so I may have some posts backlogged so that there is new content. Over the summer I tend to watch more TV so there will be some reviews on some TV shows here as well.

Generally my reviews or just my thoughts on the film. Some are long rants and some are a few words. I guess they are less of a review of the film and more of one persons thoughts. I don’t really give ratings since I have yet to think of a rating system I like. Occasionally I’ll nerd out and do lengthy post about a film’s cinematography or something else.


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