107. A Fish Called Wanda

I’ve never really been able to pick a “favorite” of anything. I’m not decisive enough for starters. That and when it comes to things like films there are so many movies I like that picking one is hard. After seeing A Fish Called Wanda again it is high enough up on my favorite list that I don’t have a problem listing it as a favorite.

A Fish Called Wanda is a heist film mashed with a dark rom-com. That’s very basic and doesn’t nearly do this film justice. John Cleese is behind the movie (and in it) so if you don’t like any of the Monty Python humor you are probably more likely not to care for this film. It’s not a Python film, but you can see the parallels between what Cleese has written for them in this movie. The movie has a unique brand of comedy that some people just don’t get. My mum for one just thinks all Python stuff is just bizarre and thus stupid. Others share a similar belief and they are kinda right to an extent. The comedy is bizarre.

A wealth of comedic moments. You really should be laughing throughout the entire film. A lot of this has to do with the cast (though I can’t praise Cleese enough). Of course John Cleese is in here and plays a typical role for him. I was yearning for Basil Fawlty to burst out a couple of times when he got ansi, but to no avail. Michael Palin is another Python bloke whom you may recognize and problem should. He does a great job with Ken and his role is probably the closest to any of the Python sketches/films. The movies ending gets most of its laughs from his performance. Jamie Lee Curtis is gorgeous and does an excellent part as the she-devil femme fatal kinda role. Of course Kevin Kline steals the show. This movie cements why I think he is an amazing actor. He won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor so I have backup here. For complains about him being very theatrical, this is where that works amazingly. His character is a ball of energy that is all of the place and Kline is excellent at it. It also helps that while Kline’s character, Otto, is rather stupid and just rambles on with the most insane things.  He actually consists of quite a few negative stereotypes of Americans and it works wonderfully. One of my favorite scenes of his is when he is lip-singing to an opera during some foreplay with Jamie Lee Curtis. He does this thing where he starts sniffing his armpits and from that moment on it becomes a thing in the movie. Other characters fiddle with their armpits as well.

Basically it’s an amazing movie that everyone needs to see.


I also watched No Way Out. It’s a really nice thriller and I sort of liked the ending, but after I started thinking about what to write here, I realised it was nothing special.

The movie is essentially about trying to cover up a Defense Secretary accidentally murdering his mistress, who is in a relationship with the Secretary’s assistant and is placed in charge of covering things up. It’s nothing special and really a good portion of that plot is Kevin Kostner trying to delaying things. Not much happens, but you don’t notice it. Despite how boring the movie should be I didn’t catch on. I was engaged enough to keep watching to see how things would play out. The ending is really unpredictable and I’d love to honestly see someone figure it out early on. I actually feel like the ending is actually a cheap shot in some ways. They put something so off the wall at the end so that you would sit back and go, well that was different. Makes you forget about the rest of the movie and it stands out.

Gene Hackman was decent. Nothing special. Kevin Kostner was dull. He pretty much was a static character the whole time and you don’t get much emotion from him. At times this fits the character, but overall he doesn’t do much other than deliver lines. Will Patton though is pretty good. He’s a great actor and he does an amazing job in this movie. He actually kind of scarred the crap out of me. Part of it was the makeup used in some scenes. THey darkened his eyes. If nothing else the movie is worth watching to see him.


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