Film Suggestions

On the off chance I ever get any readers I decided to make this page. If anyone has a suggestion of a movie for me to watch, just put it here and I’ll take it into consideration.

  1. Hi!

    My name is Taylor Brandt. I recently helped create a short film for the Splatterfest Festival in Houston. It received 11 awards including:
    *Best Film
    *Best Director
    *Best Screenplay
    *Best Editing
    *Best Kill
    *Best Splatter
    *Best Special Effects
    *Audience Favorite Film
    *Audience Favorite Story
    *Audience Favorite Kill
    *Audience Favorite Makeup

    After the festival we posted on FunnyOrDie, and still hold an impressive 94% funny rating.

    Film –
    IMDB –
    FB –

    The video is only 6 minutes or so, (and you could always turn it off early). It would be fantastic if you could take a look at the video, and review our film!

    Thanks for your time,
    -Taylor (aka Shaun the Zombie)

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