106. Real Time

So I watched Real Time today (or yesterday once by the time this is posted) this because of Jay Baruchel. I forgot Mr. Rand Quaid was in the movie.

So I had high hopes for this. Good ratings. Two nice comedic leads. I was bored. I just couldn’t get into the movie. There were some great little funny bits, but nothing sustaining. The plot wasn’t engaging to me and neither Quaid or Baruchel’s characters were anyone I cared about or wanted to watch for any length of time. What’s worse is that the film is only 77 minutes long.

Maybe the premise of a young degenerate gambler being given a “last chance” to “review his life” before being killed sounded horrible. The plot line was introduced early on and I just didn’t give a shit what was going to happen. Unless the little lesson learning was going to be really interesting and unique, it wasn’t worth seeing and I didn’t find it worth seeing.

The laughs I got were great, but there weren’t enough. The only other good thing about the movie really to me was Quaid’s acting. Sort of. For some bizarre reason he has an Australian or New Zealand accent. I kinda got distracted later in the movie because I was bored so maybe I missed the explanation, but I don’t recall any reason for his accent. The movie is set in some city (Hamilton I guess) in Canada. However odd his having an accent is he seemed to do a great job with it. I’m not a great judge at that though since I am in fact a Yank and don’t study accents. It sounded like it was from Down Under, but not in a stereotypical over the top way one of your mates does the accent in and you all think it is spot on. It was softer. It sounded more legit.

I’m assuming the title is referring to the fact that the movie takes place in “real time.” Think the t.v. show 24 I guess. I believe he is given an hour to “ponder,” so the movie may actually be shot in “real time,” but I didn’t think so. Again I didn’t study it that closely though.

I didn’t care for the film. Others seem to really like it though so I feel like I should always give these movies another shot. I don’t always get around to it, but maybe I will. For now though I could care less about seeing it again.


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