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15. Dream on Silly Dreamer


So I watched to movies today. Yay! Actually one of them seemed to be more of a short film, but who cares.

So Dream on Silly Dreamer is yet another movie about Disney (big surprise right?). It’d kind of a sequel to Waking Sleeping Beauty in a way. The biggest difference is that Dream is defiantly not pro Disney, or at least there is quite a bit of rumbling on certain aspects of Disney, mainly the business of Disney.

It is a really good film, especially if your into Disney Animation. It is only 40 minutes, and honestly Waking Sleeping Beauty has a lot more depth. Dream Silly Dreamer is mostly animators complaining about the direct Disney took from 2D to 3D and the mistreatment of animators/the department. Still worth watching though and it’s not like it’s two hours long.

I also watched The Princess and the Frog, though this was for class. Technically we had a class viewing Sunday night, but I chose to watch all of the Oscars instead, which I may post my response to, depends if I manage the time.

I’ve seen this movie before and this is the second time. I’m still not a fan. I like the 2D (and John Goodman!), but honestly it just felt lacking. The songs weren’t memorable. They were enjoyable, it’s y kind of music, but nothing I remember right now. I don’t think the characters were all that great either. I didn’t really care about any of them and they really didn’t stick out.

It’s not a crappy movie, but I’d hardly compare it to the classics and say that it was a huge success. T0 me it fit nicely with the latter 90’s films that followed The Lion King and it’s predecessors. Not crap, but not as good as you expect.

I just got a hold of The Muppet Movie so I’m going to watch that soon (I hope).


14. Winters Bone


I watched this yesterday and didn’t have time to post. Winter’s Bone was a good movie. Not something for most people though. Kinda of dreary, partly because of the lovely Midwest setting. The performances all around were really good I thought.

It’s slow, dark, and not exactly thrilling. I mean there really aren’t many twists or anything. I guess you watch it because it’s interesting.

Oscar Picks

A bit last-minute, but my hopes for who wins/think. Some of them are more who I want to win as opposed to who win. And honestly it’s really hard for some of these. I feel like there are a lot of really good performances/films so I feel like a lot of these are up in the air and they defiantly deserved the nominations.

Actor in a Leading Role

Colin Firth

Actor in a Supporting Role

Christian Bale

Actress in a Leading Role

Natalie Portman

Actress in a Supporting Role

Haliee Steinfeld

Animated Feature Film

Toy Story 3

Art Direction



True Grit

Costume Design

Alice ind Wonderland


Joel and Ethan Coen “True Grit”

Documentary (feature)

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Documentary (short subject)

-No Idea-

Film Editing

127 Hours

Foreign Language Film



The Wolfman

Music (Original Score)

Hans Zimmer – “Inception”

Music (Original Song)

“We Belong Together” – Toy Story 3/Randy Newman

Best Picture

The King’s Speech

Short Film (Animated)

-No Idea-

Short Film (Live Action)

-No Idea-

Sound Editing


Sound Mixing


Visual effects


Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

127 Hours

Writing (Original Screenplay)

The King’s Speech

13. Daddy Day Care


So this is what I watched yesterday. I came home for a variety of reasons and I ended up sitting down and watching this. Again, I’m a fan of Doug Loves Movies and Doug recently had Jeff Garlin on his podcast. At one point they discuss that he was in Daddy Day Care.

I like the movie. I mean it is what it is, a family film. A lot of people like dissing these movies and I guess I don’t really know why. Of course they aren’t The Godfather, but they aren’t all shit. Some are, but so are some adult films as well.

Anyway, I think Eddie Murphy and Jeff Garlin did a good job and the movie. Same with Steve Zahn. They’re all funny guys and while it isn’t their normal schtick, they do a good job. I mean again it’s a family movie and it works as one.

If your looking to see Beverly Hills Cop or Raw you won’t find it. Murphy is still a good actor, but the material doesn’t allow him to dwell where those hits hide.

I’m going to be posting again today to give my Oscar Picks since those are tonight.

12. 127 Hours


There is a reason this story was turned into a movie and has been nominated for an Academy Award. It really is that good. That and it’s very moving. 127 Hours deserves the nominations it’s got and deserves to be seen.

Obviously the movie is predictable. It’s from true events and that is part of its selling point. Even if it wasn’t drawn from a true event, it would still be an extremely powerful film. Back to the point, yes we all know he lives in the end. And really that is what makes it so suspenseful. You know he lives, that he is still alive. You know (stop reading if you don’t) that he cuts off his arm. Yet you are constantly waiting. Boyle does a wonderful play with this right off the bat. Franco pulls out the knife after he stops trying to move the rock, you see him hesitate as the blade is raised, and then he starts chipping away at the rock by his arm. Most people know he cuts his arm off, so playing with the viewers like that is a wonderful little thing. I kept waiting to see how things turned out. I mean the film is called 127 hours. Obviously he doesn’t get out right away.

There are a number of flashbacks and hallucinations at some points and I could see where those wold be a turn off to some. They defiantly come out of nowhere, but they do work, especially the flashbacks and “premonition.” What really works in this film is Franco. I love James Franco. I even have man crush on him. That aside, he is a really good actor and proves it once again in this movie. He covers a wider range. It’s kinda funny that I just watched Buried the other day. Granted In Buried Ryan Reynolds is the only person on-screen the entire time (except for one tiny moment). But it’s a similar concept where you have on actor who dominates the screen in close quarters and a life or death situation. Both have their points and I don’t want to compare them really. They’re different. Franco defiantly deserves his Oscar nod, though I honestly don’t know about picking him to win. There are a lot of good performances this year. This is yet another story that I’ll talk about tomorrow or later tonight maybe.

Another side note (not the first right?) is how well the developed his character. The little bit you get to see of him before he’s trapped, lets you see him as a ‘normal’ person. You get to see that he seems like a nice and cool guy. That he isn’t a douche-bag.

So yes watch the movie. Seems kinda of a given at this point, but it is really fucking good. On a final note I guess (maybe) the amputation wasn’t as gruesome as I thought it would be. I do get squeamish sometimes and I figured that this would be one of those instances. There was a lot of build up about it. Really though it wasn’t that bad. Yes it made me tense and some odd feelings, but nowhere near as bad as I expected. The biggest thing that made it intense was that you know this guy really did this. That it isn’t some zombie or alien ripping his arm off.

Watch it and fall in love with Franco and Danny Boyle.

11. The Fighter


So the Oscar’s are apparently this weekend, so I’m trying to play catch up on that. I never managed to make it to The Fighter, despite desperately wanting to. Actually I ended up seeing True Grit over The Fighter. Anyways, I just watched it and I was surprised. It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, which made it that much better.

It’s a boxing movie, so there are aspects that are absolutely nothing new. What made it stand out are the characters. The characters are different and really captivate you. Part of this has to do with the acting, especially by Christian Bale, who is phenomenal. The boxing is kinda meh, but the story around it is actually really interesting.

Defiantly watch it. And I guess this weekend after I’ve gone over the flicks again I’ll take a stab at some Oscar picks, which I usually don’t really bother with. Mainly depends on what I’ve seen.

10. Champion


I have mixed feelings about this documentary (Champion) which is sad. I love Danny Trejo. I’ve always loved seeing him pop up in films, even if it’s just a brief spot. And honestly and didn’t know any of this about him. It’s one of those things that you kinda thing that he probably was a bit of a badass at some time, but nothing compared to the real story, which is what this is about.

It’s a pretty sort film and that cover Trejo from his childhood to now (or 2005 when it was made). He has an insanely interesting story to tell, and I felt a disappointed at how this film was handled. What you get from Danny is amazing as well as the interviews with other actors/friends. The interviewer though is crap and actually kind of annoying. The editor/director also did a horrendous job on the whole putting this together. There are a lot of distracting edits done that just don’t make sense. The movie is constantly jumping around and they reuse footage quite a bit. Again it was also kind of short for the story they were telling. I don’t know whose decision it was to make this a very abridged story, but they certainly did do that.

Basically this movie had so much more potential, but some people behind it fucked up. Despite that it is defiantly a film you need to see, if for no other reason just to learn about Danny Trejo’s life, which is fascinating. It could easily be a feature film in itself, though you’d have to have him star in it, because it wouldn’t work an other way. One little thing that was lovely to see was how much he seemed like a big kid. You could tell how excited he got at certain times and what a kick he got out of things. Always interesting to see that in people, especially when you don’t necessarily expect it.

9. Buried

If you like sexy Ryan Reynolds then you will be disappointed by this film. Granted he’s the only actor you see in the film (though you hear others voices), but you pretty much only get some odd shots of his face with poor lighting. I mean the movie is about a guy trapped in a box and that is all there is. Just some shots of a guy in the box. I mean it’s called Buried.

That sounds like I didn’t like the film, which is the opposite. I loved. I’m also able to suspended disbelief. I’m sure there are a number of things just plain wrong as far as realism goes, but neither life nor movies is perfect. Being as the film is literally just various shots of Reynolds in a box, they did a really good job and even had some nifty angles used.

Spoilers~~~~~Spoilers~~~~ Sort of anyways~~~~

Not much of spoilers, but oh well. They did a good job by adding various lighting elements – glowstick, flashlight, phone, lighter. It helped keep things from being so static. It seems simple, but it did help. Same with having moving around. Granted at the time it seemed a bit dull and even a bit hard to tell what he was doing, but if you didn’t have it the movie would have been laacking.

And this is defiantly a spoiler.

He dies! Yes! That made me happy. I mean I knew it was coming. Duh, I had a 50/50 chance. I really wanted him to die though. Nothing personally, I just felt like keeping him a live would have been to… cheesy…cliche….something that I can’t quite put a word to right now. I kinda  like non happy endings at times. I look for it in certain films. I also read something in an article/book about writing where the author said you shouldn’t kill of your characters, because it’s a cheap way out. Initially I disagreed, but he has a point. There are times where it works, but really its better to wrap things up without just simply killing them. In this instance killing him was better.

~~~~~Spoilers Over!~~~~~

So watch the movie. It’s really good. If you can’t handle watching a guy in a box for an hour and a half, than this movie isn’t for you. The acting however is really good. You’ll also get to here Stephen Tobolowsky for a bit. I personally love voice acting, because I love discovering on my own who the person is behind the voice. Especially with commercials or Pixar films.



8. Conversations with Other Women


I’ve finally caught up on my posts! Sorry for spamming three in one day, but hopefully this wont become a habit. Mainly that fault of the dead zone known as the weekend.

So I watch Conversations with Other Women as the post title states. Definatly not a movie for everyone fora  variety of reasons.

1. It is split screen. Ie: the entire movie is shot with two cameras and you see those two shots the entire time, even when the actors are standing next to each-other. It was incredibly annoying at first, but it grew on me a bit. I feel like they defiantly struggled to keep it going at times though.

2. It isn’t exactly the most thrilling film. It lacks a lot of action. On the other hand what makes it good is all of the witty dialogue. Again though they run out of steam. You get halfway through and things go downhill and really only pick up briefly.

Personally I was interested in this because of the gorgeous and amazingly talented Helena Bonham Carter and Aaron Eckhart. I love both of them, especially Miss. Carter and they defiantly do a wonderful job in this film. Still, even as short as it was, I started loosing interest later in the film. I personally figured the ‘twist’ if you’d call it that early on, so if one doesn’t catch it than that might keep some people going longer.

I still say watch it though, mainly if you like the actors. If you’ve only recently discovered Carter, then you will be surprised, as many people seem to be, by the fact that she is quite a good actress that doesn’t play eccentric characters all of the time.

7. Disney Galore!

I mentioned this on day one, but I am currently doing a thesis on the “Disney Renaissance” films. The picture shows all the films that are apart of this renaissance, although personally I feel that going all the way to Tarzan is stretching things. Personally it stopped at The Lion King, but that is all stuff for my paper.
As research (and guilty pleasure) I spent roughly six hours yesterday watching some lovely Disney films. Basically I watched (in order) The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King. I had some company for most of the viewing, which proves how much people love Disney films, even college students.
I really don’t want to write a review for all of these films, mainly because I’m lazy. That and I would spend forever looking at them. So I’ll just leave it with that these movies were all excellent in my opinion. I still love watching them. They also have some really good musical numbers that can stand alone from the film.
Really if you haven’t watched any of these, than do so now. It is your duty as a human being to see at least one Disney film and it really should be one of those four. If you haven’t seen any of these in a while, I urge you to sit down and watch them soon. Relive your childhood if your like more, or simply enjoy them, because they are art. And these movies really aren’t just kid movies. They are aimed at catering to a variety of ages and they work. SO WATCH THEM!!!!!!!
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