The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe

Spoilerish things below probably.

So no that series six is over most of us end up waiting for the Christmas special to get our last fix for a while. I never expect much from the Christmas specials. The ones I can recall have either been pretty bad or ok. Never one of my favorite shows. The plus side is that it’s the Doctor without the traditional companions so that’s always nice to see.

Initially I really enjoyed this. I was really looking forward to seeing some new Doctor Who so I didn’t really care how good or bad it was. Now that I’ve thought about it, it was kind of disappointing. Still, it was hardly the worse Christmas special they’ve put out and there are episodes out there that I liked less than this. First though, for anyone who hasn’t seen it, let me correct something. The title, is kind of a throw away thing. It is not a Doctor Who take on the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. There isn’t really even a wardrobe. Apart from making a few references to the story, they only use kids crawling into “another world” as the biggest link.

Back to the show though. I didn’t get the opening. Apparently I missed the little prequel they did. I’ve since watched and I still have to say that’s one of the things that bugs me. As far as I know the Doctor is still assumed dead. River, Amy, and Rory all know otherwise, but unless I missed something the series ended with the Doctor not being present. So why he’s calling Amy or blowing things up seems odd. That and the way the special ended with him showing up seems a bit odd as well. I understand it as far as setting up that he’s “back,” but it seems like it negates the point of saying that he has to keep a low profile.

Anyways, the episode itself was decent. Sort of christmasy. It felt lacking to me though. It seemed to simple and there wasn’t an attempt to explain anything. It all just kind of happens and that’s perfectly ok. No need to explain. Kinda bugs me the more I think of it.

Still, it’s Doctor Who and I’ll take what I can get. Every episode can’t be stellar so, I’ll take the crappier ones to get the good ones.


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