My advisor told me to watch this at my last meeting, so I did. It’s nice being able to watch movie as research for senior thesis.

Heathers was an interesting movie. On one hand the movie is like a lot of 80s teen comedies. It’s all about the various clicks in high school manly the popular vs unpopular students. Nothing new on that set up. The movie twists that view quite a bit. The students and parents are very much exaggerations of what they are making fun of, but they still manage to keep some realism there. The other twist is that the movie is incredibly dark. The movie is sort of about teen suicide, but more so it’s about acting on those little dark impulses everybody has, but doesn’t want to admit to. I love this idea. I actually wrote a short story about it, though I got odd looks. It’s like admitting to talking to yourself. It’s not something you openly discuss or admit to. Back to the movie though, it looks at those little urges people have when you “wish was dead” or you have the urge to hit someone or act out if they’re frustrating to you, but of course (usually) you don’t act on those impulses.

Anyways, the movie is a dark comedy. I love dark comedies usually. This one, I was not so fond of. It was funny in places, but most of that wasn’t really dark humor. Again, maybe I’m just missing things, but it wasn’t much of a comedy to me. That and it seemed to run a little long by the end. Especially the boiler room stuff.

Christian Slater did a good job. I tend to like him and he pulled his role of well as the creepy guy that you still sort of like. Winona Ryder did a fine job as well.

Regardless of how much you laugh during the movie, it is still a good movie, more so because of the content the film explores. I wouldn’t advise watching this if you wanted to just relax and have some laughs. For me it wasn’t that funny of movie. It was more of a drama with some humor in it. Worth checking out, but really only if your a fan of darker themed movies.


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  1. I seen ‘Heather’s’ for the first time a few years ago and the film is as relevant a topic today just as it was when it first was released. The film defiantly pokes fun at a truly personal topic–teen suicide. Thinking back on the film, I do not think it would be a popular film today. Still, a great film to watch and I enjoyed reading your perspective of the film. I would have loved an opportunity to have a film as research material for my thesis! Lucky you!

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