Super 8 Commentary

I want to see this four more times, but I may not be able to make it. I’m defiantly going to buy it as soon as I am able.

I said that a couple of months ago in my review of Super 8 after I saw it in theaters. I bought it the day it came out (mostly because of a lovely coupon). I already watched the movie again and then I went on to watch the special features that my DVD came with. The Dream Behind Super 8 was good as was The Visitor Lives. Both were only about 15 minutes long. I also watched the movie again with commentary from J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, and Larry Fong (it was a couple of hours later after watching it without the commentary).

I’ve listened to the Star Trek commentary with J.J. Abrams and friends and I enjoyed that one as well as the Super 8 commentary. I don’t always listen to DVD commentaries. I only do it if a.) I like the movie, b.) the commentators are a director I like, and/or c.) the movie’s a comedy and a number of funny people are doing the commentary. Abrams has proved to be interesting to listen to during commentaries.

One of the reason I enjoy Abrams on the commentaries is that he actually talks about the film. He explains what’s going on as far as the behind the scens production. In Super 8 (and even Star Trek) it’s wonderful listening to him talk about the film because he is as amazed at the product as I am. He’s genuinely excited about making a film. A number of times he discusses how amazed he is at the editing process as far as filming one scene in two or three different places. He also at times puts in explanations as to choices to the film or anecdotes about the film or even growing up during this time period as this is a very personal film for him.  I also enjoyed listening to him talk about Spielberg on occasion.

I already recommend watching Super 8, but if you’re a fan of the movie I’d defiantly advise getting a hold of the DVD and checking out the special features. In the commentary Abrams mentions some special features not present in the DVD. I’m assuming at this point they are only available in the Blu-Ray, so if you have a Blu-Ray you may enjoy the extras even more.


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