Running Wilde

So I apparently missed that Running Wilde was ever on television (all be it briefly). It showed up on Netflix so I figured I’d check it out, especially since there were only thirteen, twentyish minute episodes.

I loved Running Wilde. I laughed a lot and as odd as things could get, it worked. I want to refrain from comparing it to Arrested Development, but the comedy in the show is similar to what you see in Arrested Development, or at least that’s the best comparison I can think of.

The cast is extraordinary as well. Let me start by saying there are a number of people from Arrested Development on this show, however it is different enough and the two shows aren’t related, though they do make some reference/jokes towards Arrested Development I think. David Cross makes a comment about the Blue Man group. Anyways, it isn’t Arrested DEvelopment, but you do have some of the same people involved. Will Arnett is great as always and Keri Russell does a good job opposite of him, though she’s probably one of the weaker people on the show (still good though). Peter Serafinowicz (you should follow this man on twitter if you use it) is amazing! The few things I’ve seen him in, he is great and I was glad to see him have quite a bit of screen time in this show and he did an excellent job. David Cross as I mentioned earlier is present and does a good job as does Mel Rodriguez as Migo. Setfania Owen narrates (sort of) the show and is ok. The voice over was never annoying, though it probably wasn’t needed. There are a number of great guest stars on the show occasionally as well (like Andy Richter and Jeffery Tambour). Really I can’t think of any complaints about the cast.

On the whole I loved the show. I thought it was great and I’m sort of baffled as to why it was cancelled. FOX has a reputation of canning shows early (I believe Running Wilde was cancelled three episodes in), so maybe it was just them doing their usual thing or maybe I missed something. Again, it’s not Arrested Development, but the humor is similar and you see some familiar faces.


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