Drop Dead Sexy

Well Drop Dead Sexy was not a great film. I wouldn’t even say it was particularly good, but Netflix does occasionally suggest good movies so I take those chances.

The movie is sort of dark and defiantly weird and probably creepy for some. The movie is funny, at least initially. About two thirds of the way through the movie though I was loosing interest. They kept beating the same jokes to death and they weren’t particularly great to begin with.

Crispin Glover however was great and Jason Lee was pretty good, though not his best. The rest of the cast wasn’t anything to get excited about.

The outtakes at the end were probably funnier than the whole movie.

On the whole it was ok for how I viewed it; late at night. When my interested started to fade I started multitasking as well. If it was truly horrendous I would’ve stopped it (something I rarely do). Probably only for fans of Glover, Lee, or to watch late at night while partaking in certain chemicals.


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