I’ve seen part of Whitecoats on TV before, but hadn’t seen the whole thing till the other day. Knowing very little about the film, I had somewhat high expectations because of part of the cast.

Many might immediately start comparing Whitecoats to Scrubs. I’ve seen Scrubs, but only randomly. I’ve never sat down and watched a full season or really seen the episodes in order. To the point, yes there are similarities, though I’m sure there are similarities also to medical shows like E.R., Grey’s Anatomy, etc. Its not a ripoff, but in some senses it’s done in a similar style.

I was disappointed by the film. It seemed a bit long, because it really doesn’t have much of a plot. Obviously there’s the whole going from interns to doctors, but even that isn’t to prevalent. The movie just kind of plods a long and wanders. That’s not necessarily bad. If you can keep those segments funny and entertaining than it works sometimes. This wasn’t one of those instances. That’s not to say the movie wasn’t funny. I laughed most of the movie in that there were jokes spread throughout that I enjoyed. On the whole, the movie wasn’t funny enough.

What’s even more disappointing is that you have Dave Thomas directing (of Bob and Doug MacKenzie fame for me). Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall – the Canadian SNL by Lorne) appears in the film as does Dan Akyroyd (Not Ready for Primetime/SNL). None of these three great Canadian stars (in my opinion) are in the film that much and they really don’t have that many jokes. I expected their brief stints to always be great, but they really weren’t. These are extraordinarily funny men, but not so much here.

The movie was ok, but it’s 90 minutes, but it felt longer since it just plods along. I don’t have a desire to watch it again and I’m sure there are some who might like it more than I did, but it really wasn’t that good of a comedy. If you watch it, keep your expectations low.


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