The Roast of Charlie Sheen

At first I wasn’t going to post this, but then after I thought about it I figured why the hell not.

So I did not watch the Roast of Charlie Sheen when it aired. I’ve actually yet to see it on TV. I do however have a Netflix account (insert shameless endorsement here) and watched it, but first let me comment on the Comedy Central roasts in general.

I had low expectations. I’ve not been fond of the Comedy Central roasts overall. Even the ones I liked were still kind of shitty. When I looked at who was doing the roasts I was a bit surprised as well. It’s an odd group they got together and I wasn’t sure what the result would be.

Seth MacFarlene was the roast master and he started out pretty strong. During the introductions he managed to get in a  few good jabs occasionally as well. He was to nice though during those intros.

Steve-O from Jackass fame didn’t do so well, especially is finale antic. It seemed kind of bizarre. Kate Walsh wasn’t great either, though she did better. Still, as bad as they might have been Mike Tyson was the worst, which should not come as a surprise. I still don’t know why he was there or why people are so enamored with him. He read some poems, most of which I couldn’t understand, which may have been part of the problem. A few of his sort of one liners were actually really good. Most was indecipherable and just weird. He also had a bad habit of talking while others roasted, something which happened to frequently. I blame Comedy Central though for taking time to let us hear those pointless audio snippets. They should’ve just left the mics off for us.

John Lovitz was pretty good, though some of his jokes fell flat. Can’t be perfect though. Anthony Jeselnik was actually pretty good, but his delivery wasn’t great. He gets made fun of for it later, and it is true. If the deliveries had been better the jokes might have gotten even more laughs. Patrice O’neal was a pretty anti-climatic roast since he was the last roaster. I expected something more from him, especially since he seemed to get shit on quit a lot by everyone else. I thought he was going to come back with more. Actually I feel like he just kind of ditched most of his material when he got to the stand and just tried to improvise a lot of it.

Will Shatner was actually pretty good. He did a good job at dishing the shit out and shitting on himself at the same time. He also played up the old ignorant racist thing a bit (possibly inspired by Shit my Dad Says). Shatner was no where near as racy as Amy Schumer. I thought someone might try to beat the shit out of her at some point. But that’s the point of roasting. You have to be a dick. In a lot of ways she was the most like Don Rickles. I think the fact that it came from her (yes I’m basing this on her gender and physical mannerisms) is part of what added to the shock value. Jeffery Ross was probably the best all around. He has experience though and I feel like there is a reason he’s at every roast. He does a good job and he clearly hasn’t lost the skill.

Charlie Seen seemed to handle everything pretty well. He also had a great bit at the end. He did a lot better than some of the roasters at the end, and his speech about how he’s no longer winning but has already won was actually really good. It actually makes me really wonder how right I was back when the whole Charlie Sheen bonanza began. I always wondered how much was him truly being bonkers and how much was just played up. Either way he did a great job at keeping himself in the spotlight and marketing himself. That and the whole thing makes a great story down the road to talk about the “dark times I went through and how I’ve changed.” Who knows.

Overall it was actually one of the better roasts from Comedy Central that I’ve seen. None of the roasters really bombed. They all got of a few good jokes.


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