Roast of the Comedy Central Type

I started out to write about the Charlie Sheen roast and got sidetracked. That post will follow this one.

I’ve not been overly please with Comedy Central’s roast. At least not the ones in recent years. My familiarity with roasts is with those along the lines of the old Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. Those were amazing or at least the bits I always saw. It always seemed like the number of roasters on there was a good number and they were all talented. I mean you had guys like Don Rickles on there. A lot of the good roasts I remember weren’t even done by stand-up comedians, rather just comedic actors or genuinely funny people. It was great. That and the people being roasted were in their prime. They were possibly at the height of their fame or at least still churning out good work. If nothing else they were respected.

The Comedy Central roasts seem to feature celebrities as a joke or grab someone based on a passing fad. Charlie Sheen for example. I mean why Flavor Flav or Pamela Anderson? I could careless about the majority of the people they’ve chosen to roast. Furthermore they have some odd choices in roasters. I understand brining in people (like Martin’s) who are friends or past coworkers of the person being roasted. They need to be funny though. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some of the choices, but not enough. The comedians they chose aren’t always great either. I mean you don’t have to roast the guy, but at least be funny if you aren’t. Jeffery Ross and Greg Giraldo were pretty much always great.

I’ve never gotten that fun vibe from these roasts though. The old ones, everyone were pales. Maybe it’s the way things were back then, but they were having fun and even if something bombed no one seemed to care (maybe alcohol helped).

I have no suggestions really. In fact this is probably a half-assed post. Still I can’t help but love some of those old roasts and wish that they could be done today. If nothing else it’d be nice if the folks at Comedy Central watched a few of those old roasts and took some notes. Maybe tell the roasters to watch as well.


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