Last Days

Finished the death Trilogy last night with Last Days. It was defiantly a different film, although you can see the similarities with the other two films.

This is another beautifully shot film and again is very minimalist. Most of the shots are stationary, even when characters are walking around. It works with the movie though, and is defiantly what makes it look so good.

The content is a bit wishy-washy. It is a fictionalized account based on the possible last days of Kurt Cobain’s life. Knowing very little about that, it defiantly seems plausible and defiantly works if you ignore the connection to Cobain.

The biggest thing that bugged me was the dialogue. Blake (Cobain), mumbles all the time and is extremely hard to hear, as are a few others. I was watching this at 2am and was tired at that point so I feel like I missed a lot, but it is a film that makes it easy to do so.

It is an extremely funny film, to me at least. It’s small things that may go unnoticed, but really shouldn’t. At the front end of the film Blake starts pouring a bowl of cereal. He than takes the box of cereal and puts it in the refrigerator while leaving the milk out, and opened, on the counter. Shortly after that he ends up putting on a woman’s dress/nightie, some boots, a lady’s hat, and proceeds to wander around the house with a shotgun. Describing it does not do it justice, because it’s the way it is done. Those little things though helped make the movie good.

A lovely trailer. It pretty much sums up the first half of the film, which was the part I loved. Then again, I also started to fade later on because I was tired.


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