Punch-Drunk Love

Where to start? Punch-Drunk Love is an odd film that people seem to love, hate, or are just plain confused about. I fall into the latter category. On one hand I was kind of board and I was confused about a number of things. On the other hand, I loved some parts of it. I had a very polar opinions about the movie.

One of the things I enjoyed the most was Adam Sandler. Yes his acting is good, though to be honest the character is sort of like the ones he plays in his own film, just a bit more tame. I’m a fan of Sandler’s work normally anyways, which plenty of people aren’t. The character though is what I liked. He was intriguing enough to keep me watching the film throughout the slow parts. Part of that is because I identify with the character to some extent as far as awkwardness and anxiety, particularly around others.

I wouldn’t tell someone that this si a heartwarming film that is going to make you laugh. In a lot fo ways the film ultimately is, but I feel like going into the movie an expecting that would only put me off the movie even more. There are plenty of hilarious scenes though, depending on your sense of humor.

I’m sure I missed a lot of things that happen in this movie. Apparently there are a lot of little details to be enjoyed. Normally I wouldn’t bother to give this a second watch, but I think that is exactly what this film needs. It needs a second viewing to either confirm your dislike for it or to help sway you over to loving it.


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