I let this film passed by me when it came out. It didn’t look like my cup of tea. I generally prefer the books that deal with zombies or the apocalypse rather than the movies. However I decided to take a look at Doomsday as sort of research for my senior thesis.

I was surprised by this film. I had very low expectations and to some extent the film fulfilled that. Yet, it wasn’t that bad and I’m not quite sure why. The movie is horrible flawed by a lack of connecting various elements in the film. There are attempts at trying to provide some background and explanation, but it isn’t done all that well.

So the big thing with this movie. A virus has struck Britain and they finally built a giant wall and closed the gates, leaving Scotland to the home of the infected. Some years past and now the virus has reappeared into the city. There are some odd political movements done in this bit and all together it seemed very odd. Point is they send out a small group to find a cure across the wall because, low and behold some people are apparently still alive over there after some thirty years. There are two factions in this land. The first is a group looks like a mix of punk/industrial kinda style. They also eat each other and live in Glasgow. Overall very bizarre people, but nothing new really. Kind of a Mad Max feel almost (in fact they even have a car chase later). The second group lives in a castle and ride horses. Most of the men wear some kind of armor and the women are dressed in brownish dresses with bonnets.

There is a connection between the groups and there is a story. However the links are made in passing and aren’t dealt with. The punk-cannibals were actually pretty cool, more so if developed. The medieval thing could have been cool if it were on its own and developed. That’s the problem. The movie is a hodgepodge of cool ideas that don’t really fit and aren’t developed. That and the movie plays homage or steals from plenty of other films. How you feel about that is up to you. Some people hate when people do this, others love it or appreciate it. I didn’t really mind, but that has more to do with the film just being thrown together in general.

Still, I enjoyed the movie. The music seemed pretty good and some of the action bits were ok. I’m a fan of some of the cast like Bob Hoskins, David O’Hara, and Malcolm McDowel. Actually I though Rhona Mitra and Adrian Lester weren’t terrible considering what they were given. That and I guess some of those bizarre cool bits caught me off guard. Thinking about the film after the fact, it wasn’t that good. In the moment though, trying not to analyze it, it was passable.  It’s an instance of a film having more than enough ideas to make several good movies, but instead crams them all into one.


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