“What a piece of fecal matter.”

So I watched Bicentennial Man the other night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I went into watching recalling all the negative comments made about the film and didn’t have high hopes. I believe I was in fourth grade when this movie came out and I do remember seeing it at the theaters. I’ve always enjoyed Robin William’s work since I was young (including some of his not so great works), but I don’t really think I’ve seen this since the time it came out. Maybe on VHS (possibly DVD) as a rental back in the day, but not any time frequently.

Again I loved it, though part of that might be in part due to my lowered expectations. The acting is great all around, and actually I found myself wondering who Little Miss was. I kept thinking “She looks like Jesse Eisenberg.” Due to the wonders of the internet, it turns out that the similarity was right on. Almost. It turns out Mr. Eisenberg has a younger sister, Hallie Kate. Sam Neil, Embeth Davidtz, and Oliver Platt support Mr. Willaims and are all actors I adore. Even Bradley Whitford makes a small appearance, which I wish was more. There are a number of other faces you’ll recognize as well.

I understand complaints about the length of the film, but honestly, I was so caught up in it that I didn’t notice the 132 minute length. As a kid that is probably one of the things that turned me off. And I do admit that it is extremely deep. A lot of topics get covered in this film and I feel like people expected it to be a straight Family Comedy and it really isn’t. I mean it is based on Isaac Asimov’s work. The biggest downfall to me is that the film defiantly trails off towards the very end. I feel like things got a bit rushed and the humor disappeared by the last thirty minutes. It fit what was on-screen, but it was quite a turn and for those who may be tuckered out at that point, I can see it as a huge turn off.

The special effects and makeup were quite nice and visually the film is pleasant. I found myself intrigued by the score the entire time and couldn’t quite place who it belonged to. I have a fondness for film scores and tend to be able to place a couple of the composers. I was rather close when James Horner’s name flew through my head at one point as it is his score. I always love his work and it fits with the movie and made it even more enjoyable.

I feel like I’m skimming over a number of things, but maybe it’s just because it has been a while. The movie really is good and I plan on watching it again, although not right away. It’s defiantly not a film you pop on when your bored. The fact that it is so well-rounded does make it more enjoyable to watch.

I actually interrupted a viewing of a movie to post this. I’m planning on watching Gus Van Sant’s “Death Trilogy,” which consists of Gerry, Elephant, and Last Days. I’ve only ever seen Gerry and that was when I was in middle school. Needless to say I was nonplussed with the film. I’ll make an individual post on each of them and probably do a third to tie it all up. I may not publish them till tomorrow or later, but keep a look out for them in the next day or so.

Deceiving Trailer. Film is much more of a Drama than this lets on. Mainly shows the first half of the film.


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