I Love You Phillip Morris

I Love You Phillip Morris has had my interest for some time, more so because of Ewan McGregor being in it. I’ve never really been a huge fan of Jim Carrey.

Yes the movie deals with homosexuality and I felt it was handled nicely. If you are a homophobe or a gay basher you wont like the film obviously. The homosexual aspects of the film aren’t gratuitous and aren’t really mocked as far as I noticed. It seemed actually very well handled.

I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t brilliant. It was funny, interesting, and kind of moving, but it was going nowhere. The movie follows Steven (Carrey) around as he tells part of his story, but there isn’t really a goal. You just kinda are being shown snippets of this man’s life and occasionally getting his thoughts. Things just kinda move along in a way that felt weird to me to the extent that I got hung up on it.

As weird as the plot seemed, the movie moved quickly. It doesn’t drag despite it seeming to lack a direction. The acting by Jim Carrey was really good. He’s kinda over the top, but I felt that he kept things reined in pretty well. I liked it. I enjoyed his somewhat restrained performance more. Ewan McGregor was really good as well, though he really only has a small part.

Worth checking out, but not really a “classic” Jim Carrey role that people might be looking for. And yes it’s based on truth.


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