Falling Skies Season 1

I enjoy television, but I don’t get to watch shows regularly. I usually just can’t fit it in my schedule to watch every show I want, so I usually just stick to watching some of the comedies like HOw I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, and the Big Bang Theory. That and browsing the late night shows the next day (Ferguson, Conan, Fallon). During the summer however I can actually watch TV! Unfortunately most of those great shows aren’t on so I see them via DVD, so I was glad that I could sit and watching Falling Skies as it was airing (didn’t always see it on air).

Falling Skies has Spielberg’s name branded on it so that is going to draw everyone in as it did with me, especially since the premise is basically aliens have invaded Earth and the show follows the survivors of that initial attack an their attempts to fight back. Seems cool, especially with Spielberg’s name thrown around. Unfortunately it really isn’t great.

The show started out pretty good. It focuses on the characters interactions with each other more than the actual resistance. It is a drama so that makes sense. Unfortunately about halfway through the show they get caught up on this one little point and just don’t budge. The action that you see earlier just comes to a halt and it gets repetitive. I tuned in to see nothing new has happened and nothing has really advanced. Not what you want on television.

Fortunately they got past that and they picked up speed and the last episodes were really good and the finale wasn’t spectacular, but they did a good job at making it so that anyone whose been watching will probably want to tune in again to see what is going on.

The cast is ok. Everyone generally does a great job. I don’t know how much I enjoy Noah Wyle. He still seems to bubbly most of the time. Moon Bloodgood does a good job as well and actually is probably better. Will Patton is great though. I like his movies and he does a great job here. It would actually be nice if he was the focus more that Wyle’s character. Sarah Carter also enters the cast later and is really good. Again she definitely needs more screen time since her acting is good and her character is actually interesting. Colin Cunningham eventually enters with Carter as a character everyone thinks is psychotic, but they never do a good job at showing that. He’s just kinda an asshole at times, but again he’s interesting and Cunningham doesn’t blow. Basically they need to focus on those secondary characters more because those seem to have some of the better actors and more interesting characters.

Not as great as the expectations were, but it still seems like a good solid sci-fi-drama for television, which isn’t something that usually seems to last on tv.


PS: Falling Skies was renewed for a second season.


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