Captain America: The First Avenger

I saw Captain America the other day. Don’t know what to say. I enjoyed it. I thought it was really good much like all of its sister films. I haven’t had much of a problem with any of them.

I was really looking forward to the period setting, but that kinda was a let down. The Germans were uber advance and you basically never saw anything period about them. The USA had more retro stuff, but even they had quite a bit of tech. It kinda killed the mood for me. I didn’t want them running around in a base that looks sleeker than stuff we have now.

The casting was pretty good. I don’t care for Chris Evans. He always just seems like a bitch or something most of the time. Arrogant I guess. He was pretty good here though and I think this is the best acting I’ve seen from him. Hayley Atwell was brilliant. Tommy Lee Jones had a nice bit as did Stanley Tucci and Toby Jones, Dominic Cooper, and Neal McDonough. Hugo Weaving was pretty good as Red Skull as well. I love when movies have great supporting cast members like this. Unfortunately, as is often the case, they don’t get enough screen time.

I also like how international this cast is and that Americans never seem to play Nazis. It’s usually the Brits, which doesn’t quite make sense.

The reviews are all good for a reason and unless you want to be left out of the Marvel machine and the lead in to the Avengers than you should see this.


PS: There is an Avengers trailer (sorta) at the end of the credits, which takes a long time. It’s nothing special, but probably the best teaser that they’ve had.


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