Entourage (Seasons 1-7)

So I found out that the final season of Entourage was beginning a couple of weeks ago and decided I’d like to re-watch the entire series before starting the final season.

I’ve always enjoyed Entourage. It’s not a great show, but it does a good job at keeping things moving and keeping things on a lighter note. Actually the pacing is one of those things I really enjoy. Most of the time things move along pretty quickly. The downside of this is that on occasion when they do slow things down a little you can feel it. Of course people love to bitch about how inaccurate a representation of Hollywood the series is, but I wouldn’t expect it to be a real depiction of Hollywood, although there are times you do get those glimpses.

The biggest reason I keep watching is the cast. I don’t have a problem with Adrian Grenier or Kevin Conolloy, but neither of them are anything special on the show to me. Even Jerry Ferrara isn’t that big a deal. They all play their roles well, but it’s never been that interesting watching their stories develop most of the time.

Jeremy Piven is the man everyone warships on the show and for good reason. His character is interesting and I’ve always felt that he get’s more development on the show than some of the previously mentioned characters. Piven also gets your attention because Ari Gold is someone you can’t ignore when he is on-screen. He’s loud, crass, and funny. A lot of the humorous moments from the show come from him. Kevin Dillon as Johnny “Drama” Chase is another character that gets a lot of good focus on during the show. While both he and Ari Gold are sort of secondary characters, they are the ones that you want to see more of. Again part of it is the quality acting from these actors and a lot of it is that these roles get your attention.

I’ve always enjoyed some of the celebrity appearances as well. Val Kilmer as the Sherpa was nice and I loved when Stellan Skarsgard played the crazy german director. Even Bob Saget’s later appearances are always interesting.

I liked the earlier seasons more than the later ones, though I’ sort of torn. The early seasons where funny and lighter. They started switching the tone of the show and everything started to become a bit more serious, but you got to see some more screen time for Drama and Ari. The downside is that the Vince stuff seemed a bit old and that is the main drive of the show. Everything revolves around him.

I remember hating season 7 of Entourage when I watched it last summer. Seeing it again, it seemed a little better than I remember, but it still wasn’t great. I do hope though that they do the characters justice by giving them a nice ending, especially Ari and Drama.

It’s worth watching the early seasons and if you want to see more from some characters, then you’ll need to stick with some of the let downs of later seasons, but it’s a pretty solid show for the most part.


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