“I have no one. At least you two have each other.”

So I was trying to find a movie to watch this afternoon and for some reason I was in the mood for something depressing. I’ve seen Reign Over Me before. I rented it shortly after it was released on the DVD. I didn’t remember much about the movie other than I really liked it and the word ‘haunting’. Having seen it again I still defiantly like it.

The movie has gotten a lot of crap which I suppose it deserves to a degree. There are some goofs in the movie, but they weren’t large enough to ruin the film for me. I also agree that using 9/11 as a plot device wasn’t necessary, especially since it really doesn’t play that big of a role.

The music was amazing, partly because I’m a fan of the musicians used (Springsteen, Who, Vedder). While I’ve never played Shadows of Colossus I recall watching friends play it and I’ve looked it up. Even not knowing anything about the game it still draws some nifty parallels.

I’ll always remember Sandler first and foremost for Billy Madison. His comedy is different and for the most part I’ve liked a good deal of his work and I thought he was pretty fucking good in this movie as well. Obviously it’s a departure from his childish comedic roles. In regards to roles he’s grown up. It’s easy to ignore the earlier view of Sandler I had when watching this movie because he does that good of a job. He’s completely different in a numerous ways, most obviously physically. There are however a few instances where you can see the Sandler we all love an know (maybe) through a few quick lines and looks.

Ignoring how the plot may falter, the over all story works rather well. A number of good shots that add to the mood. Some of my favorites are the ones with Sandler and/or Cheadle riding around on the scooter at night. There’s also another shot of Cheadle standing at the end of an empty hallway looking at Sandler play his game. There’s just something about that shot that hits me.

For the most part the film is rather darker, which makes sense due to the content. It does however have some humor in the film that is done rather tastefully in my opinion. Donald Sutherland who I fucking adore has a small part at the end of this film and he is epic. Despite the great performance by Sandler in the primary scene, Sutherland steals it, especially in his followup scene.

Don’t watch this on a rainy day unless you wish to further the depressing atmosphere and while the humor is there, don’t watch the film for it. It’s one of those films that I’ll come back to again, though not right away. As good as it is it’s a bit heavy to watch back to back.


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