“I have successfully privatized world peace.”

Sadly I haven’t posted as recently as I would have liked, but I am now done with finals so I should be getting back to posting more often. That being said I have a number of posts lined up that I will be releasing.

To celebrate the end of finals and the beginning of summer, I went and saw Iron Man 2.

I’ll start of by saying that I did in fact like the film. It wasn’t perfect, it fell short in comparison with the first, but it was still pretty damn good.

So the actors. Robert Downey Jr. is still amazing. I honestly can not think of anyone better to play Tony Stark at this point. I’m a fan of Mr. Downey and have been for some time and I still think that this is one of his best roles. I’m not entirely sure what it is, but there is some magic between the character and Downey that I can’t quite put my finger on. Whatever it is though, it works. Don Cheadle steps in as Rhodey/War machine, replacing Terrence Howard. I like both actors and I think both have done a fine job with the role of Rhodey. I suppose I’m disappointed that Cheadle didn’t get as much screen time as I would have liked, though that’s one of my larger issues with the movie that I’ll get to later. Sam Rockwell plays Hammer and he does do a really good job. However, every time he was on the screen I couldn’t help but think of having Jeremy Piven playing the role instead. Not entirely sure why, but for some reason he kept popping into my mind to take that role and having thought about it since then, I think Piven probably would have done a good job in the role. I also thought of Gary Oldman, though his being there would have taken the role and film down a different road. Our other bad guy and the true bad ass of the film (who didn’t get the screen time he deserved) was Mickey Rourke. He was fucking epic and got robbed out of a number of good scenes. While the characters rightfully treated him as shit, he never really got the chance to show off all that much, which is a travesty.

Scarlet Johansson basically serves as a piece of hot ass to look at. The little acting she actually gets a chance to do, she does well, but again her role in the film is basically to be the attractive woman to insert into a scene now and then. Gwyneth Paltrow still works wonderfully as Pepper Pots. She also gets some room to play with the character more as Miss. Pots gets a larger role. Samuel L. Jackson pops in has Nick Furry (which we will be seeing a lot of apparently). It’s Jackson so he is a badass with an eyepatch. Some of his lines are a bit cheezy, but Jackson pulls them off. Kind of a shitty role/side plot to the film anyways. And now I have to mention Paul Bettany as Jarvis because Bettany rocks and I feel like people who do voices for films never really seem to get the credit they deserve for the work. Shit, Star Wars would blow if James Earl Jones was not the voice of Darth Vader.

The special and visual effects mostly seemed to be more of the same and worked well. Unfortunately the action in this film is a bit lacking and the action you did get is all rushed in together. As much as I love that there is an interesting story going on and not an entire film of big booms, a little bit more would have been really nice.

So to some of the problems with the film. Lack of screen time for characters. A lot of characters were added which was nice since the characters were basically all sweet, but no one really got a chance to do a whole because of that. Since the film is split into parts that focuses briefly on a character Robert Downey Jr. gets screwed. I mean the film is called Iron Man and as he has said (in character) “I am Iron Man”. That being said we should see him. Downey is amazing as Stark/Iron Man so he should be used liberally. As nice as the other actors are, if the entire film had Robert Downey Jr. in every scene I honestly think it would work simply because he works so well in this film.

Now that I’ve gotten this far I can’t really remember what other problems I had. Mainly that it was a bit to scattered. I suppose part of it goes with the expectations coming from the first film. While I don feel it’s as good as Iron Man, Iron Man 2 is still good and while I probably wont go see it again in theaters (unless the right person asks me to go with them) I’ll still get the DVD because both Iron Man films both movies that I know I can toss in at anytime when I can’t think of anything else and I’ll enjoy watching it.


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