Flawless (1999)

Flawless was an interesting movie. I really liked it overall, but there were some major flaws. The basic concept of the film is Robert DeNiro playing a retired hero cop who ends up suffering a stroke and being partially paralyzed. He’s also very conservative and homophobic (which you find out through his neighbors!). That story line follows the relationship between the grumpy DeNiro and Philip Seymour Hoffman as a very openly gay drag queen (or female impersonator). The other story-line kinda goes with it and has to do with some drugs and a gangster trying to get some money back.

The crime money seeking plot would probably make a decent movie on its own. Definitely seems like something Joel Schumacher would enjoy. However combining that with the whole homophobia plot-line, which defiantly comes across as the main arc, was just horrible. I prefer the Hoffman-DeNiro stuff. They are both amazing and that story is moving. Having the gangster look for his money was just an annoyance that took away from character development.

Again the acting is really fucking good. Hoffman is great as the drag queen and you get a good performance from DeNiro as well. It was slightly annoying that they both spoke quietly. Hoffman’s character had a very soft kind of airy voice that was hard the hear sometimes and once DeNiro suffered the stroke (which is most of the film) his speech problem makes it harder to figure out what either of them are saying.

It’s a great movie and it is actually quite funny. Defiantly didn’t seem like a Schumacher film to me. Check it out and stick with it. The dual story-lines kinda fuck with you at first, but the end pay off is worth the struggle.


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