Sword of the Valiant

I have some post waiting to happen. Been a long week.

So I often watch movies based solely on who is in them or who made them. Hell sometimes I’ll watch a movie because of the composer. In this case I saw it listed as a Connery film and decided to see what exactly the hell it was.

Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Greent Knight is based off some mythology and folk tales/legends. I’m not overtly familiar with any of it so who knows how much of that it captures. The movie is however awesomely bad. It’s one of those flicks you watch and go, “Holly heart-attack, this blows. Yet, I can’t stop watching and enjoying myself.”

Some of the acting is actually quite good, however the main cast pretty much sucked.  An example are Peter Cushing and John Rhys-Davies. Both have small parts, but actually give good performances, while Sir Gawain (played by Miles O’Keefe) gives a less than stellar performance. Also note that Sean Connery really only has a small part and makes brief appearances here and there. Still, it’s Sean Fucking Connery and I loved the little bit he was in of it sort of like Robin Hood or Time Bandits.

I was also a bit, erhmm, under the influence of some certain earthly things so maybe that aided in my enjoyment of the film. As bizarre and horrible as it is at times, it’s worth watching if you’re a Connery fan or incapacitated.


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