Pale Rider

How many westerns has Clint Eastwood been in?

Anywho, I enjoyed the Pale Rider. Some people should be able to pick up the biblical reference right away. There are also some similarities to some classic western films, but I feel like all westerns are like that.

This isn’t Eastwood’s greatest film, nor his greatest western. He still however turns out a good performance, even if the character is unsurprisingly similar to past and future roles. The man has his niche and plays it well. I also enjoyed Michael Moriarty’s performance as well and Richard Kiel was given a nice little slot.

Not a spectacular western, but still a solid film. It’s probably suited more towards a younger audience and by that I mean people who didn’t grow up with John Wayne being a God. It’s a more modern looking film as far as production quality and whatnot so that will please people not familiar with westerns and may serve as a nice gateway. Defiantly a film worth watching.


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