Saving Grace

I’m a big fan of Craig Ferguson. I enjoy his stand up work as well as a few of the movies that I’ve seen him in. I also love his show, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. That is essentially why I saw this film.

So if you’ve seen Waking Ned Devine, Saving Grace is sort of like that. It’s a similar style of comedy I guess or at least there seem to be some commonalities. Essentially an older middle-aged lady looses her husband and is left with a huge debt. Her gardener (Ferguson) who is a crap gardener ends up seeking her help with some “hemp” plants that he’s been trying to grow and thus stuff ensues. Easy enough to figure out where the jokes will probably come. I enjoyed it though.

Brenda Blethyn is Grace and she is really good and Craig Ferguson is swell as well. Really most of the cast does a nice job and there is even a small appearance by Bill Bailey as a drug dealer. One of my favorite performances was from two older ladies who end up getting high unknown. It’s incredibly funny and that scene is worth watching the entire movie for.

I guess it’s kind of a British stoner comedy, but not exactly. It is really good though and defiantly worth watching if you like stoner films or are a bit of an anglophile such as myself.


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