Rabbit-Proof Fence

I finally got around to watching Rabbit-Proof Fence. Initially I was postponing it because I was lead to believe that it was quite depressing. It really isn’t. Well, it is, but it is more of a huzzah! movie where the protagonists triumph after some really shitty stuff.

The movie is about the “stolen generation” in Australia. Basically deals with the Aboriginals being controlled by the government and mistreated. It’s supposed to be based on a  true story, but these things are always debated so who knows how much of this story is true. The basis of the shitty stuff though is real.

The historical stuff is what makes it depressing. This kinda thing has been going on still/till quite recently. The movie is pretty depressing at the beginning when the three “half-casts” are taken. They basically get taken to a reform center to become more “white” and they escape to head home via traveling across the outback (maybe not officially the outback, but it is some really nasty terrain). The three girls are sisters and the oldest one is fourteen. Personally the idea of traveling that kind of distance is not so appealing especially considering where they are going to be “hiking.” Australia also has some really nasty critters that would scare the jabezuss outta me so the fact that these girls go on this hike home is amazing and is what makes the movie less depressing.

The cast is pretty good, especially the three girls. It’s a really nice movie to watch. It’s not that long either so it is defiantly manageable and worth the short watch.


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