Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Well, I’ve held off on posting this since I knew I was going to see the movie for the second time today. I figured a second viewing may change some of my opinions for my review.

So let’s hit this point first. I grew up with the books. Not to sound snobby or anything but I started reading the books before they were the huge hit they were in America. One of my teachers in elementary school at the time recommended the book to me so I’ve always felt rather found of the series. I pretty much always read the new book the day it came out in one night. Initially I was disappointed with the movies, but my thoughts on adaptations has changed since those first films came out. The movies can never capture the magic of the books, especially for someone like me. That doesn’t mean the movies can’t still be good.

Naturally a number of things are cut out from all of the movies including this final chapter of the series. There is a reason for this and I feel like Steve Kloves did a good job with the adaptation. There are things I don’t understand begin cut out, but oh well. What has always baffled me more are some of the odd snippets to add in that don’t really add anything to the movie. Again not a big deal. The only issue I have is that the last couple of movies, especially Part 2, is that I can’t imagine someone who has not read the books will be able to follow the story. There are just so many things left unexplained that it takes a few points away from the movie. I know the material because I’ve read the books. Most people seeing the films probably have read the books by now, but I’m very aware of quite a few people who have seen the movies and never read the books. To judge it as a movie, those gaps are a flaw.

Moving on to the movie and ignoring the books. The movie was fucking excellent. It’s my favorite of the series I think. All of the flaws of the previous films seem to have been taken into consideration to make this grand fantasy epic. This is the movie I wanted to see years ago. I was always bummed by the lack of “magic” seen in the films. The big battle at Hogwarts just looked amazing and it was pretty intense for the series. One of my favorite things about the both parts of film seven is that the movie looked brilliant. The scenes capture and created were outstanding and to me feel like they are defiantly worthy of nominations for some awards.

I’ve always loved the casting in the movies. I don’t think there’s a single casting choice that I really disagree with. They’ve all been pretty spot on and I’m still amazed at some of the amazing people who appear in these films. I mean Ralph Finnes, Alan Rickman, Julie Walters. That is some heavy talent with just four roles and all of the adult casting is like that pretty much. The performances always seemed to have gotten better in every film as well. In Part 2 it felt like the years of work these actors put into their characters really flourished. Unfortunately many performances were only a few seconds long. Julie Waters for example as Mrs. Weasly really only has one line of dialogue which is her infamous Bitch line. Other than that you only here her murmur a spell. Alan Rickman really got screwed here. Snape has such an important role, yet he is only in the film for five minutes or so. Still those few minutes are amazing. The main trio of Radcliffe, Watson, and Grint are exceptional as well. I’ve never been all that fond of Radcliffe, but he really did a good job here.

I was a little disappointed the movie wasn’t darker than it already was. I kind of hoped that for the last film they would just say, “fuck the little ones” and make the movie as dark as the book is. While they do keep it rather dark, they don’t go to far with it. There were enough little comedic moments to lighten the mood and remind you of the earlier books and films where laughs were more frequent.

Despite my own personal little criticisms, the movie was fantastic and was spot on. My own gripes are just little things for my nerdy self to pick at. No movie is perfect and this final installment of Harry Potter does the entire franchise justice.

PS: Anyone else noticed that they always arrange Ron, Hermonie, and Harry from tallest to shortest and usually left to right in the way I’ve listed them?


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