Lost: Season 3

Finally finished season 3. So far Lost is just getting worse and worse.

The characters are getting dull. Rehashing the same old problems and picking at the same character flaws. The constant beating of the romance plots/triangles is getting ridiculous and pointless as well.

I felt like a lot of the “weird” shit kinda disappeared. Jacob and the brief appearance of Smokey was about it.

I also disliked the continuous story telling. The focus of Jack, Kate, and SAwyer for two episodes and then moving to the camp for one episodes, etc. got dull and pointless. Would’ve have been better to split the episode in half with both sides. Everything just connected to well. I liked it better when every episode wasn’t a “cliffhanger” because these cliffhangers weren’t that exciting.

At this point the twists aren’t really that cool either.

The flashbacks just get increasingly lame as well. And pointless. The acting seems to be going that way. I keep seeing the same three facial expressions from people.

I’m determined to watch Lost to its end. I’m curious as to how this entire serious got people to go ape shit crazy over it. At this point I would have stopped watching. The only reason I’m continuing is because of knowing how successful it was to its end.

Season one was still really good though.


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