Okay you cunts, let’s see what you can do now!

It's McLovin!
Many of you may know the actor above as McLovin and yes he does make an appearance in the film. That’s Christopher Mintz-Plasse, not the character McLovin. That however is beside the point.

Note: There are potentially minor spoilers. Personally they aren’t , but some people are picky.

I saw Kick-Ass today and all I can say is that it kicked ass. I mean it was amazing. It’s one of those movies where everyone in the theater was laughing together and talking about it as soon as they left. I don’t think it’s possible not to talk about this film.

So with that endorsement let’s move on and get the negative out of the way. There apparently has been some negative views of the film. Violence, language, the role of Chloe Moretz. Personally none of those ‘concerns’ makes the film less enjoyable to me. The violence is nowhere near as bad as a good number of the torture porn flicks that have been coming out. Yes there is language, however to me it was done artfully. Basically every scene I can think of that used foul language was funny, partly because the way the language was used. Now to Miss. Moretz. She was eleven at the time of the filming and her character is around that age. I’ve never read the comic book that is the source material, but from what I’ve learned the roles transferred accurately enough. So Moretz plays Mindy aka Hit-Girl, an elevenish year old girl who kills people, sometimes in a rather gruesome manner, and uses foul language. Essentially she is a much older woman in a little girls body. I can see why people have problems with this character, but honestly they worked and consisted of some of the best bits of the film. Personally I didn’t have a big enough problem with it that it made me hate the movie.

So in that vein the acting. Moretz does an amazing job and at this point seem like she may grow up, if she stick with acting, to be a great actress. She carries her scenes like a pro, which is good, because if she didn’t they probably would make the movie bad. The fact that she does an excellent job keeps the controversial material away in my eyes. Nicholas Cage does a rather good job in this flick as well. When I first saw him as ‘Big-Daddy’ aka Batman rip-off, I kept thinking he sounded like Shatner. After I thought about it I figured out that he was copying Adam West’s portrayal of the Dark Knight, which actually works wonderfully, especially since the characters in the film are baffled. Mark Strong is brilliant as usual and I love his accent for some reason in this film. I guess knowing that he’s British and purposefully waiting to see how it would be played made me noticed how nice a job he did. To me those were the most notable performances, not that the others weren’t good, because they were all mostly great or at least good.

So to what captivated me and made me squirm in my seat with excitement. THe action sequences. The word that comes to mind is orgasm. They were just fucking brilliant (or Kick Ass)! There is an action sequence shot in the dark that uses a strobe light (it has a reason for being there) and it is fucking amazing! I mean the choreography was excellent and the camera work captured these scenes in such a way that I can’t describe. Maybe I have low standards, but they just really stick out and hit the spot for me.

As for other bits and pieces of the film. Pacing is excellent. If anything it starts off a bit slow, but for the most part it runs smoothly. For a 117 min. movie it seemed really short and left me wanting more, which is great! The movie is packed with funny bits. This movie is easily a comedy/action flick and is equally balanced with both. The soundtrack is also amazing.

I can not think of anything really negative to say about this film. It’s really one of those movies that I was very weary of going to see, but it just proves that looks can be deceiving. I highly advice going to see it.


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