Lost: Season 2

Just finished season 2 of Lost. I have to say it is still good and I remained hooked.

I kinda don’t like it as much as I first did though. Despite all of the twists and turns the show takes and the increase of the bizarreness of the show it gets kind of old. They’ve stopped focusing on a wide number of characters and only focus on a select five most of the time. A lot of characters were just kind of written off (not necessarily killed) and are just glorified extras. The plots get repetitive as well. Sawyer being an ass and refusing shit gets old after a while. Same with Jack. The flashback aren’t nearly as interesting either. A good number of them don’t really seem to fit and they occur less and less now.

Actually the whole second season seems less choppy. The first season had separate episodes. They related, but they didn’t run together. This season most of the episodes just continued a story from the last one.

The romance plots are dull as well. I don’t really care about the constant back and forth of those. That ties in with the whole season as well. There are a a lot of going back and forth over a line. One minute a character is A, the next they are B.

The weirdness of the show has sort of increased, but in a less than spectacular way. I don’t know it the “beast” is ever mentioned. I think it is early on in this season, but it defiantly wasn’t later on. The focus is mostly on the “Others” and people bitching about each other in the camp.

And as interesting as the Hatch was initially, it just got dull and overused as hell by the end. A number of things became pretty predictable as well. The Henry thing and Michael bit weren’t that suspenseful.

However the season finale through in a  lot of “what the fuck” kind of moments. I didn’t care for them now that I think about it. They were just things thrown in to confuse the shit out of you and try and intrigue you into watching season 3.

Despite my bitching I’m still going to watch season 3. So far though the second season was kind of a let down compared to the first. Maybe I’m being to harsh on it though.


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