Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Yes I saw the new Transformers movie. I saw the other two in the theater when they came out and did the same with this. In all three instances (less so with the first film) I went because I was bored and friends asked. I’ve only seen the movies once and they haven’t stuck with me, so I can’t make any great comparisons, but I though Dark of the Moon was probably the best of the trilogy, which isn’t saying much.

Here is why you go to see one of the Transformers movies.The actions and special effects. Maybe a few jokes. I didn’t expect a great story from the series (even with the first after seeing trailers). I’ve enjoyed all of the movies to some extent because the special effects were pretty cool. The action sequences were always a bit of a let down, but still neat to see.

My favorite part of Dark of the Moon was actually a theater moment. A revelation is made (and it was a lame one) and some girl in the theater went “ohhhh” and gasped very loudly and got everyone laughing. It wasn’t the only time people laughed though. The first half of the movie had a lot of comedic moments and a number of those jokes were actually good. SOme of course were cheesy, but there was definitely an improvement in the comedy writing for this script. It also helped to have people like Ken Jeong, Andy Daly, Frances McDormand, John Malkovich, John Turturro, and Alan Tudyk in the movie. All are pretty damned good in comedy roles and do a decent enough job here. I blame the failure on the writing more than their performances.

The opening of DArk of the Moon was really good as well and is the reason the story was an improvement. Essentially some Autobots crashed on the Moon and the USA found this out (early sixties) and thus JFK decided we should go to the moon to investigate. It’s basically what you saw in the trailers. One of the coolest parts of this other than the set up is that they used some actually footage of the era. That and they used JFK and LBJ doubles for a few spots and made some of the footage grainy to make it seemed aged. The opening seemed very cool and it actually reminds me of Doctor Who this season. So the story was a nice improvement.

Unfortunately the movie is way to long at 157 minutes. I suppose it could have been worked to fit, but it was shite here. PArt of the problem is a problem that occurred in the other films. The first half (I’m guestimating) of the film is all about the story. We learn about the Autobots (again and again) and some danger comes into way. Sam does some shit and the whole thing is pretty lighthearted and all about building to a badass battle (in theory). The rest of the movies are the whole big epic battle that is never as good as it should be and they take too long. Dark of the Moon does that on roids. I didn’t time the movie, but once we switched into kicking robot (or human) ass mode everything just took forever. They dragged the whole second half of the movie out and there was not nearly enough action packed into those dead gaps. In fact the majority of the movie is about the humans more than the Autobots or Decepticons. Honestly by the time we got to that shift I was ready for the movie to be over. The second half of the movie was pretty grim or as grim as you can get with this movie. Some jokes were tossed in, but they were extraordinarily lame.

One of the other improvements was that the action sequences occur more and they look pretty good still. There are a lot of old moves used, but there were some new ones added in. Visually it still looked as good as the others and in some cases even better. Unfortunately it wasn’t nearly enough for the running time and most of the action is shifted towards humans.

If you enjoyed the other ones you should enjoy this final installment. If you get bored soon and nothing else trips your trigger go and watch this. Don’t get your hopes up though and be prepared for a long movie. Also, I didn’t see this in 3D. I don’t particularly care for the 3D partly because I have glasses. I could see where it might be cool for some of the action sequences, but I don’t think it’s really worth the price being as those action sequences are few and far apart.


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