Lost – Season 1

I never watched Lost when it aired on TV. I was never really aware of it till probably its third or fourth season. At least I don’t remember people I knew talking about it till then. By that point I had missed the boat. I tried getting into it, but it was kind of hard. That and people’s explanations of the show just seemed bizarre. I mean the show is about people crashing on an island and being stranded in the vein of Cast Away, yes? Then why are they off the island and then back on and what is with the “monster” and all sorts of weird shit that confused me and turned me off from pursuing the show. I’ve since decided that I do want to watch Lost and since it is over I have a better chance of just running through episodes, especially since Netflix has them all on instant right now.

So I just made it through season one and I’m in love. Let me get past my initial reactions to it first. The first season is nowhere near as bizarre as people make the entire show sound. There are odd things, but it isn’t overwhelming. I’m assuming things get crazier in later seasons and at that point some stuff has built up more. The show doesn’t have crazy cliffhangers either. The episodes are good and you want to keep watching because the show is good, not because they pulled some crazy stunt that leaves you dying to see what happens next to finish the episode. There are some of those, but it isn’t every episode. Again I get the impression that this is something that started to develop in later seasons. That or people just went really apeshit over the series. Again, I’m watching these episodes back to back with basically no wait. I don’t have to wait a week to see what happens next. PErsonally I like watching TV shows on DVD for that reason, however with something like Lost I’m feeling like I kind of missed the boat. It defiantly would have been nice to be apart of the cultural movement of my peers who were discussing constantly what was happening on the show and coming up with theories. Basically my reaction to Doctor Who as I watch it regularly.

So the story is really neat. It’s simple on a root level, but the writers add enough to the main story as things go along to keep things spiced up. The show also utilizes some nice subplots that don’t derail the main arc. They’ve done a great job at keeping them together, yet separated in that they don’t make the show confusing.

The best part of the show is how it plays out. The plane crash leaves us with 47 (ish) survivors. We only see maybe ten of them on a somewhat regular basis (some more than others). This allows you to get various points of view and it also means you aren’t focusing on the same three people the entire show. You have a variety of people to focus on to keep things interesting, which is what the show thrives on so far. This first season is basically all about the characters. Each episode essentially chooses to focus on one possibly two characters. You see various flashbacks that relate to some event in the present and you start learning who these people where before the crash and who they have become. The show is of course all about new beginnings. Again this is where the choice of a nice sized cast to focus on was a wonderful idea. You only learn small tidbits about people as you progress. At the end of season one most of the characters are still a mystery despite some of the crazy secrets you learn about them.

I also really enjoy some of the almost fourth wall breaks. The biggest one is how often a character may make some comment about not knowing who anyone is. Neither the characters or viewers know the majority of the survivors. In the second to last episode on character (whose only spoken once or twice before) makes a comment about the “main characters” forming a clique and not letting anyone else in. There are little things like that which I really enjoy. The writers are sort of commenting on something some anal person may try and bitch about.

Defiantly love Lost thus far and can safely say that people who hate the show need to at least watch season one because it is great. Maybe things get worse, but I doubt it. With Abrams though I can understand things getting weird.


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