Just Cause

I love Sean Connery. I watch as many of his movies as I can multiple times regardless of how bad they may be. I’ve seen Just Cause before, but it’s been a while.

The movie isn’t really a court room/legal thriller, but more of a crime thriller whatever that difference really is. The film focuses more on the investigation than legal crap. There are plenty of things wrong with the plot and the story. It wasn’t handled all the well when you reflect on it, but it’s good enough to get you through the movie. I think they tried to make add unneeded twists and failed since the movie is predictable enough. There are a lot of references to the ending early on if you pay attention to the dialogue, especially Connery’s debate at the beginning.

The cast and acting are amazing here though. I’m biased and think Connery is basically always amazing so who knows how good he really is. I thought he did a good job, though he seemed possibly a bit to old for the role. Laurence Fishburne was fucking fantastic here and seemed to enjoy the role. Ed Harris however simply reasserts how extraordinary he is here. I’ve always liked him. He gives nice strong performances and he is scary as hell here. He only a has a few scenes, but he is probably the most memorable part of this film. As a side note Scarlett Johansson plays Connery’s daughter.

If it weren’t for the cast I’d say you could skip the movie if you want since it isn’t anything special. The performances though, primarily by Harris and Fishburne, are worth watching.


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