The Way Back

Yesterday I watched all of the Batman movies so I have a draft of that which is waiting on some heavy editing from me and will be posted soon.

So The Way Back home is an underwhelming epic. It seems like this huge grand story of prisoners of a Russian prison in Siberia escaping and traveling to India, but it doesn’t quite get it to me. It lacks a nice emotional connection to the characters to really make this journey mean something. As it stands it is merely a beautiful grim adventure to India. Characters die (lame spoiler –  obviously someone dies) and I didn’t feel anything for them. I should have felt something for one particular character (spoiler – dies in Gobi desert) , but I didn’t.

The film looks beautiful without having constant wide shots of the horrific landscape. Peter Weir also does a good job of making getting a rather grey and bleak looking feel. The performances aren’t great, but they are good enough to hold you in. I’m sure the accents are crap, but who really cares? The ending was a nice little disappointment.



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