The Silence

So I haven’t posted much this week which I’m sort of bummed about. My one movie a day goal for a year has failed since I missed a day. After that I figured what the hell and missed another one. I’m amazed I’ve made it as far as I have on that aspect. Despite only missing two days, I just haven’t posted about the movies I have seen (I intended to get around to it soonish).

Since my movie a day for a year goal failed I’m not going to try and continue with it. It was nice try and I did what I wanted to do. I started watching movies more and writing on a mostly daily basis. I’m going to keep the site going and continue posting reviews, but not necessarily everyday anymore. Due to it being summer I’m trying to watch some TV shows, like Lost, so I’ll be making some posts about those shows.

I’m going to try and post everyday or at least every other day if I can on either a movie or TV series that I’m watching. Hopefully people keep reading this site and give feedback because it is always nice to hear from people.


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