117. Jackie Brown

I’m not a Tarantino fanboy. I haven’t seen all of his films and I don’t think I’ve seen any of them more than once. I saw Pulp Fiction and wasn’t in love with it. I’ve never had much of a desire to see most of his films after that. I’d like to give some of them a second chance and watch some of his films that I haven’t seen and started with Jackie Brown.

Number one reason to like this movie: the music. I loved the music and that’s one of the things I like about Tarantino. Same with Guy Ritchie. They have great song selections for their films.

Tarantino does a good job with some solid crime plot lines. When he starts to wander from that things get odd and that’s where I lose interest. That and some of the obscene violence. It doesn’t bother me, but I’d rather not see it if it isn’t adding anything.

The cast is pretty solid and is another thing Tarantino does a good job at. He manages to get some great actors and at least good performances. Samuel Jackson really wasn’t anything spectacular. Robert DeNiro was interesting to see. Kinda funny to see him as a slob/stoner. Michael Keaton did well and Bridget Fonda falls in there as well. Robert Foster was pretty good, but I like most of what I can remember seeing him in. Pam Grier was the best though. Still even the lowest performances here were still good.

Defiantly a Tarantino film I can get behind.

There is the controversy of his use of the “N Word” (I’ll dare to say it here – Nigger-). First of all I’d like to think a number of cast members would have raised some opposition to its use during/before filming. I also have my own thoughts on PC terms and this word in particular, but that would be for another blog. The word is used a lot, but for what its worth it is used in “modern” context. Best way I can think of describing it’s use while maintaing a middle ground. If you have a problem with language though you shouldn’t be watching any Tarantino film.

I’m still not converted to worshiping Tarantino. It’s a really good film, but not the greatest thing ever. Defiantly not crap though.

PS: Going to see Super 8 tomorrow (or technically today). Been looking forward to seeing this movie and I’ll write a review nice and early tomorrow. Hopefully.


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