Doctor Who Series 6 mid way finale

I’ve really enjoyed this series so far. Even the inbetweener episodes have been great and I love Moffat’s storytelling and keeping everything tied together.

This last episode was great and thoroughly confusing, which I love. It was cool to see callbacks to other episodes and a tie in to so many questions that even preceded Matt Smiths run as the Doctor.

After watching the episode I started trying to piece everything together, primarily about River, but decided it was pointless. The chances of me actually guessing what Moffat has planned is very slim. Some ideas seemed to come to easily and Moffat wouldn’t fall into those traps. If he does than I’m going to be horribly disappointed.

Unfortunately I have to wait to fall for Doctor Who to continue. I’m not sure I like that. Waiting one week was bad enough, but waiting a couple of months to start over again is going to be horrible.

I suppose I’ll just have to live with re-watch the new series till the fall.


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