115. How To Kill Your Neighbors Dog

I found this gem thanks to Kenneth Branagh. It’s a great movie with an excellent cast. Apart from Branagh you have Robin Wright (Penn?) as his wife and Suzi Hofrichter does a swell job as the little girl. Jared Harris plays a nutter whose trying to impersonate Branagh’s character (Peter) and does an excellent job. Peter Reigert (probably best known as Boon from Animal House) has a small appearance as does David Krumholtz. Both are great and the little supporting roles go on and on with excellent performances. It’s surprising to see how many recognizable faces there are in this film and how good everyone is.

The film is riddled with some great comedic performances, though the movie starts a bit roughly. It’s more of a drama than comedy I think due to the heavy nature of the larger plot-line. The movie is hilarious though. The prostate exam scene is amazing and while you here/see those stories all of the time, Branagh’s performance is great here as well as the jokes. They make light of the matter in full knowledge of the cliché of a thirty year old man getting his prostate checked. They even poke fun at the fact that Branagh is British in the film (and of course real life).

I can’t praise this movie enough and I wish it would have gotten better recognition when it came out. How To Kill Your Neighbor’s Dog is even better than the description I read online.


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