114. Nine Months

The last time I saw Nine Months I was much younger (not that I’m old now). I remember liking it and the biggest thing that stood out to me was Robin Williams as the Russian doctor. After seeing it again last night Robin Williams still is the one who stands out the most from the film. I’m a fan of the man and he does some great stuff in this movie.


The rest of the cast is pretty good. Tom Arnold, Joan Cusack and Jeff Goldblum all had great supporting roles. I didn’t really care for Julianne Moore and Hugh Grant wasn’t really that great. It wasn’t that he was playing the “same role” as elsewhere again. That kind of thing doesn’t really bother me. If you are good at it than I don’t care. For some reason thought he just didn’t seem as good. The comedic performances from the supporting cast are what really carried the film I think.

The story wasn’t anything special and a lot of things were kinda meh. I didn’t care for some of the odd dramatic moments that seemed out of place and there were a number of odd clichés that didn’t serve a purpose. Overall though the good bits outweighed the negatives and the movie was genuinely funny.  For me it’s worth watching just to see the bits with Robin Williams.


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