110. Stone of Destiny

I loved Stone of Destiny. I thought it was pretty damned good. It’s one of those uplifting comedies that stirs something in you. I’m sure that people more closely linked with the Scot-English relationship may not feel so wonderful about this movie, but regardless of that content the movie does a good job of stirring something within.

The movie is about Scottish national pride and yet Charlie Cox is a Brit and Kate Mara a yank. I knew Kate Mara was American so I was curious as to how her accent was going to be. Personally I thought both accents were passable. Again I’m not an expert and I’m not Scottish either so who knows. They weren’t doing Glasgow accents as far as I could tell. I can understand being upset though by the actors nationalities in a film that is supposed to be all about the Scot. Beyond that I thought the casting was good. The actors did a  pretty good job and they each seemed to capture the little defining pieces of each character.

There was a nice balance between the comedy and the suspense. You get a good development of the entire story and the theft is handled pretty well. You get some jokes and some tense moments that worked really well.

I personally really enjoyed the movie and would love to see it again. I can see where some American audiences would be turned off by the film since some people can’t understand Scottish or even English accents. I understand the Scottish accents being harder depending on region, but really if you start listening to it for a bit you pick up. It’s just a matter of patience. That really isn’t an issue here since none of their accents are that thick.


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