108. Fierce Creatures

Since I watched A Fish Called Wanda I watched the “sequel” that is Fierce Creatures last night. It isn’t really a sequel, but rather a second film with most people returning from Wanda.

Fierce Creatures leaned on the rom-com element more heavily than Wanda and I almost want to call it a rom-com. The plot/story is a bit off. The quality is good, but it didn’t really mesh. It was like a couple of sketches were mashed together to create a movie with very few strong connections.

The cast is still as good as the original for the most part. I don’t think John Cleese can ever go wrong. Cleese essentially became the main character here. It’s pretty much his film. Jamie Lee Curtis had her role toned down. She’s not overtly important and basically is just a sexy lady for some men to lust after. I’m torn on how I feel about Kevin Kline. I don’t think he is as good as he was in Wanda, even with having two characters in Fierce Creatures. He plays a father and son and neither is as wild and energetic as Otto. There are similarities in all three roles though. He’s still great, just not on par with his previous performance. Michael Palin is pretty much the same as Wanda as well. He has a smaller role and is just there for some Monty Python styled comedy relief, which he is great at.

Not on par with Wanda, but I don’t think anyone should have expected a better movie. Still it’s nowhere near being a crap film.


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  1. whoa I’d forgotten all about this film! couldn’t help but be disappointed after A Fish Called Wanda, but still, guess it wasn’t so bad…

  2. Yea I feel like any follow up would be hard to compare to A Fish Called Wanda.I just tried to treat it as not being anything related to Wanda.

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