105. Cashback

After spending numerous hours watching Torchwood yesterday (or technically two days ago now I guess) I watched Cashback. It seemed interesting, but I didn’t have high hopes.

The movie, if I’m understanding things right, is a short film that has been turned into a feature-length film by adding more footage and of course editing. I’d like to see the original short just to see what exactly was added, but oh well.

The movie is slow. It’s not long and it didn’t quite drag for me, but it’s slow. It’s not a fast-moving film and there’s a lot of down time. The main character freezes time to deal with boredom (among other things) and those scenes surpassingly drag slightly. You are supposed to think some fancy larger questions.

The movie is not as artsy fartsy as it may sound there. There is actually a good bit of humor spread throughout which is its saving grace really. If it weren’t for the humor to pick things up, the movie would have been dreadfully boring I think.

The movie is a bit erotic, but really only at a few certain points. It’s basically just still “photos” of some lovely ladies exposing their bosom. It’s done tastefully I suppose.

I liked it. It may help that I used to work in a grocery store, but any “dull”job would fit. There are enough things that most people should be familiar with that allows a wide audience to connect to various themes. Crushes for example. Another plus of the film now that I think of it.

The movie is a bit surreal. Can’t think of how else to describe it. It’s not bizarre though. Interesting movie to check out basically.


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