Torchwood Series 1

So sweaty and in my underoos in a bean bag chair in my dorm room I finished the first series of Torchwood. Initially I was nonplussed with Torchwood, particularly due to the less than pleasant visual components of the early episodes. That and the wanna be cop character and plot development at that point. It just didn’t work for me.

I’ve come around though. I think part of it is I just got used to some things. There are still a number of long lingering shots with corny music that is unnecessary, but it’s toned down. The visual style of the show improved as well. It doesn’t look like a miserable soap anymore.

Even the stories improved. I have to say things got pretty intense as things progressed. The middle episodes were the best, because by the end things started getting a bit lax somehow. They weren’t as riveting.

The characters got a bit dull as well. Gwen is boring as shit to be honest and really that’s my biggest problem with the show I think. There isn’t any real character development. So Owen falls in “love.” It doesn’t really change him much. The only thing it does is act as a plot device to cause mayhem for a finale. Same with the other characters. Owen and Gwen fall apart and it’s just left at that. It’s a huge deal early on and then nothing. Tosh’s little fling basically goes ignored as well.

I’m also disappointed in the lack of Jack Harkness in the show. It’s my impression that Torchwood was created for him to get more screen time since he is a popular character. The result however has been a lot of focus on the other characters to the point that a number of episodes are devoted to trying to develop the other team members. Jack is just there. It’s all a bit disappointing really since he’d be a great character to develop on par with the Doctor. I don’t know why they don’t treat them similarly. The Doctor is constantly being chipped away at so why not do it with Jack. He can still be the lead and do shit.

The Doctor is another thing I have an issue with. Granted I’m watching this out of context of what was going on with Doctor Who at the time. I don’t recall specifically what David Tennant was doing as the Doctor during these events, but I felt that he should have shown up at some point. The rift opening up was a fine example of that. Technically he does show up at the finale (not that anything is seen), but his lack of appearance is disconcerting since in his show he always appears at convenient moments. I also think it would be neat if the Doctor randomly appeared. He wouldn’t need to do anything or dominate the episode, just a brief run in.

If everyone else is right and the following series only get increasingly better than I should enjoy them more than this. I feel like if I weren’t a fan of Doctor Who I would have given up on this show a while ago.


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