The Eleventh Doctor is Cool. Bow-ties are cool.

So technically this is my first Doctor Who post, but that is fine. I’ve mentioned it numerous times and just never figured out how I would go about talking about it here. I still haven’t decided so I’ll just post this for now.

So I really like Matt Smith as the Doctor. Maybe the fact that he is younger is part of it. He’s closer to my age now so he is almost more of a peer. That and I like the quirks this Doctor has. I also wear bow-ties instead of ties so it’s just another reason to love this Doctor. Anyways Stephen Moffat is also excellent.

I have to say I love the fifth series, but this new sixth series has been outstanding. The first two episodes were insanely frustrating in a good way. I was so anxious to watch the première that I jumped up and down and ran about my room pulling my hair because I would have to wait a whole week to not only see the conclusion of the two-part opener, but to see more new Doctor Who at all. The team already did an amazing job of setting up the whole  series in their opening. It’s actually kinda what I’ve liked about Doctor Who. When they actually go and link things throughout the series. Moffat seems to have done that more with last the last series and this one.

So far the third episode was the most disappointing, but in a way it was great. Thinking about it now it was actually a really good move since it was a nice relaxing episode. Just an almost random little blurb to help you collect your thoughts and just enjoy some classic Who without intense plot development.

The fourth episode rocked though. The Tardis as a human was amazing! I really wanted House to have been in Alan Rickman’s voice. For a second that’s who I thought it was, but alas nope. He would have been great for it though.

And now of course the fifth and sixth episodes were great, more so now that the sixth episode has left a nice cliffhanger.

Really I just love the whole series so far. There hasn’t been anything truly annoying other than the fact that I have to wait to see what develops.

I might just keep posting these random Doctor Who thoughts or I may just try to weekly post how I feel about the latest episode. All depends on how I manage my time and what seems to work best. That and I don’t want to post just to post.


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