My Love/Hate Relationship with Glee

One of the things I love about Glee is that it is set in Ohio, where I am from. It’s just one of those little things that is neat.

I never heard of Glee when it started. Some girls at work were talking about it over the summer last year so I checked it out. It was ok back then. Sort of.

Glee can be really good. The stories with the whole misfits and diversity of these stories is remarkable. I love the fact that they go out on a limb sometimes. A lot of the writing on that level is done pretty damn well.

I can’t stand the melodrama though. High school for me was not that drastic, though I’m not expecting realism here. Still I’m just not a fan of melodrama on the screen. That and some of the extreme cheesiness.

I don’t like the character development either. I feel like no one has a clue what where the characters are going. Granted kids in high school are fucked up. For a TV show things need to be a bit more stable. It’s incredibly hard to keep tabs on all of the kids since they all seem bipolar.

Glee tends to draw things out. The whole Rachel – Quinn – Flinn thing is old an annoy by now. Could really care less. Kurt being harassed and expelled sadly got that way to. They kept hitting the same thing over and over. They didn’t change anything with the harassment, which they should’ve. It just got cloned and reused.

The music can be good or extremely crappy. The overuse of things like auto-tune drives me nuts. You can here it in a number of the songs and I don’t know why. The actors surely aren’t that horrible at singing. If they were then just have someone better dub it instead of trying to fix it to perfection. The over processed songs just irritate on me. I’d rather them be raw and gritty. I want the hear the mistakes.

The show is an “ensemble” but it’s not very good at that. There are too many people to keep track of. The show just jumps around from a certain groups stories from time to time and a number of characters are just completely neglected for a couple of weeks completely.

There are other things that stem from what I’ve mentioned. Really I feel like Season Two has just gone down hill. The biggest thing I’ve liked from it is the acting. There have been some amazing opportunities to get to see some fine acting from the cast.

There are some great moments in Glee, but the show could be so much better. I feel like they are easy things to fix and they are similar issues I’ve heard elsewhere. If the next season is a repeat of this one than I’ll probably stop watching.


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