103. Diggers

I watched Diggers last night. It’s one of a number of Paul Rudd movies I added to my Netflix queue to watch.

It was better than I thought it was going to be. I never read what the movie was about ahead of time. It had a three or four stars and Paul Rudd so I watched it. I missed the fact that Maura Tierney, Ken Marino, Ron Eldard, and Josh Hamilton are all in the movie.

So taking place in the late 70s outside of Manhattan we see the lives of clam diggers (hence the title). A big corporation is taking over and making life harsher. That and a father dies at the beginning of the movie. It’s actually almost a coming of age story in a way. None of the characters are really adults mentally. They all kind of act like oversized kids and through the course of the movie they mature to various degrees. A lot of nice character development.

It’s not a hilarious comedy. I think it’s more drama, but there are more than enough funny moments, especially if you consider the time period in some aspects.

The cast is excellent. I love Paul Rudd. He’s a great actor. I’m also a fan of Ken Marino who I know mostly through Veronica Mars and Party Down. Again another great actor and he has more of a straight role here which is nice to see. Ron Eldard was good and a face you may recognize. Same with Josh Hamilton. Of course Maura Tierney is an actress everyone should know. My parents were huge fans of ER and I remember seeing Tierney on that show before anything else. She’s a great actress. And she’s hot, especially in this movie. The other various members of the supporting cast are all great and since the movie is character driven it’s always a good thing to have a well-rounded cast.

I really liked the movie and its own of those films that I feel like I can sit and watch multiple times and it wont necessarily get old.


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