100. I Am Number Four

I’m kinda upset that I didn’t post this yesterday. I got all caught up and had plenty of time to post this and then I didn’t.

Honestly the only reason I really watched I Am Number Four is because I knew Dianna Agron is in it. She’s beautiful and yes I watch Glee which is a whole other topic. It’s not really a great show, but it has its moments and when it does they are really good. This however is not about Glee.

So I didn’t expect much from this movie. It looked kinda crap to be honest and when the movie started I was questioning how long I would be able to sit through the movie. Overall it’s basically a typical tween movie that you see now a days. Something along the lines of Twilight (which I have seen and I have sadly read and seen. Basically an excuse for me to legitimize my calling it crap.). I Am Number Four is better than Twilight. For one it has action. Two the characters are so annoying I want to gauge my eyes out. The basic melodrama is still there though and the movie is riddled with tween clichés.

If you can get past all of that though then the movie is bearable. The premise is cool enough, especially if you enjoy sci-fi. Unfortunately everything is underdeveloped on that end so you aren’t left with much. The movie didn’t spend enough time on these elements, which are actually pretty important if you want to continue with the series, and instead focused on the coming of age/tween romance crap.

The action scenes were meh. Could have been better. The make up on the bad dudes (Mogaraians or some such nonsense) was dreadful. Special effects were ok, but the budget probably could have introduced better ones.

The acting was ok I guess. Timothy Olyphant was pretty much the hard-ass you’ve seen him in a couple of times. A static character so you don’t see much of him. I’m assuming they added makeup to make him look older, which I couldn’t buy. There’s something about Olyphant that always creeps me out. Not sure what exactly. I think he’d be great if he’d play a nutter in something. He has that kind of vibe. The lead man, Alex Pettyfer was ok. Nothing spectacular, but he managed to brooding and charming hero struggling with his identity in a pretty typical fashion. I knew he was British coming into the movie, but I didn’t think about the accent. To be honest I didn’t really notice. At the end of the movie however (after the fight scene thingy) he slips into his British accent pretty heavily. It’s really bizarre because if you were unaware you’d think someone else was talking. Not sure how they let that one slip into the film. Teresa Palmer didn’t have diddly squat for screen time which is a shame. She’s pretty good and what you see of her is ok. If there is a sequel (which the movie begs for even if audiences don’t) she would be great to give ample screen time to. Now of course Miss Agron. I’d love to say she was amazing. Unfortunately she was essentially cast in a similar role to the one found in Glee( apart from the whole high school in Ohio thing). The acting is pretty much on par with what you see in Glee. Personally I think she could actually be really good if given enough time to do something. That and some room to maneuver. I really just want to see her do something for more than two minutes at a time. It’s hard to judge someone’s acting based on a few seconds, especially if the writing isn’t amazing.

It was ok to watch. I didnt’ want to kill myself and it was far better than similar movies and Twilight. Doubt I’ll watch it again.


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